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Only in Nebraska (well…probably in many Southern states too)

Posted by sburk44 on October 15, 2009

The World Herald has a story about an old man in a coma – wishing to see the Huskers play Mizzou last Thursday before he died…he woke up in time but died before the 4th quarter when Nebraska actually decided to wake up themselves and win the game.

Classic OWH reporting

Saw it first in Deadspin

Ironically (i think) Wachal also watched the game (in style) and luckily did not fall into his coma until after the victory:

I love this Man

I love You Too


4 Responses to “Only in Nebraska (well…probably in many Southern states too)”

  1. John Thiede said

    Seeing that picture, I wonder if Wachal is already dead.
    I still hate Nebraska, though I feel bad for Tom Osborne.

    Next ND coach . . . Brian Kelly . . . gotta love a Boston Irish Catholic as ND football coach. Next question . . . can he win at ND? or can anyone? Stop the curse . . . shed the NBC contract . . . PLEASE!

    Okay, five minutes are now waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over!
    Paz y justicia,
    Pd. Juan

  2. Wachal said

    I’m telling all of you right now: when I die, bury me in one of those robes.

  3. Apples said

    I’m pretty sure Wachal died on the bathroom floor…

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