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Jays B-Ball: Non-Con Mercifully Ends Tomorrow

Posted by sburk44 on December 21, 2009

I gave up Little Rock for this??

Going into the final game of the non-conference schedule tomorrow against Houston baptist, the Jays sit at a disappointing 4-6, even with a big win against the Huskers. The Iona loss at the end of the Old Spice Classic tournament is probably the worst loss of the bunch – but not pulling out one of the tougher Dayton, New Mexico, Michigan, Xavier games really makes this feel like one of the worse starts to a season in a few years.

For more in-depth coverage and a variety of takes from BJ diehards – check out Mike Wentzel’s new blog that should cover the season nicely.


One Response to “Jays B-Ball: Non-Con Mercifully Ends Tomorrow”

  1. junkycommish said

    I just heard an interview on the radio with Creighton freshman Ethan Wragge. He’s from my hometown of Eden Prairie, Minnesota. It seems like he has some potential.

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