It's gotta be better than what you should be doing


Posted by sburk44 on January 3, 2010

The only image to describe the 2-8 run to end the Season

While a Jets win tonight would have kept the Broncos out of the playoffs anyway – a bad loss (44 points!?) to the Chiefs ended McD’s first season as head coach, making the 8-8 finish I thought would be a ceiling for this team feel like a big disappointment. Even Jay Cutler having a terrible season and not getting in the playoffs is much less satisfying than I would have hoped.

My buddy Gargs thinks Shannahan will get back to the playoffs before the broncos do. I think this team will raise its ceiling to 10-6 next year with the release of the guys that gave McD problems (Marshall and Scheffler). For off-season priorities, I am mostly worried about the aging secondary and the offensive play-makers.


Jets dominated, so this game would have not have mattered. Obviously still a terrible way to end the season, but its really the Oakland an Washington games that blew our playoff chances.


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