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Holliday to Cards…Shanny Signs on in DC

Posted by sburk44 on January 6, 2010

Holliday gets 7 years for about 15 million per year. Rockies were offering more per year but not that long of deal a few years ago. Wish he was not in the national league, but at least his not in the Division. Purplerow actually thinks this is not a great deal for the Cardinals because of the long term issues it creates. Rockies are better off with only having 1 of these ridiculous multi-year deals (Helton) on the books.

Shanny gets 5 years and control of personnel…I know Gargs was giving me shit…but this is not a good situation for the ‘Skins. The best news is that their D is in decent shape, but will break down in a year or so as he spends all his time trying to get rid of Campbell and craft his own Offense.

I Don’t hate either guy…but I really dont want to see them do well either.


2 Responses to “Holliday to Cards…Shanny Signs on in DC”

  1. John Thiede said

    Hey Sean,
    Has this blog gone by the wayside?
    Are you going to have a tourney pool?
    JT SJ

  2. John Thiede said

    In baseball,
    I hope the Twins can sign Joe Mauer.

    In football,
    I hope the Saints can win it all. Not that they deserve it, but the Vikings did give the the ball game on a silver platter.

    In hockey,
    All of my teams are down this year, Minnesota can’t get it together, Notre Dame is just trying to rally to get in the top four of the conference, so they can make a run during the conference tourney, and get an NCAA at-large bid.
    The Wild, while better than at the beginning of the season, still lack a big goal scorer, and have so many guys out with concussions it is disturbing.

    Sean, just a reminder to send me info how to be a contributor. That’s my five minutes . . .

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