It's gotta be better than what you should be doing

About Waste5Minutes

This Blog is for friends and family – an easy place to exchange articles, ideas, pictures, videos, and everything else we do over e-mail in one easy place. The idea is to have one central place to post stories about sports (especially Denver Sports), politics, and any other good story that is a helathy way to waste 5 (or more) minutes.


2 Responses to “About Waste5Minutes”

  1. How about them Cowboys! Nice win over San Diego State last weekend. It was awesome. This team is really young but I think they are going to be good in a few years if they can hold these kids together and plug some holes (ok gaping gashes).

    Bring on the Horned Frogs (or not). Do you realize that 4 of their 5 losses have been against top 20 teams?

  2. Jean said

    This is totally random… but you really need to watch the new show Modern Family…LOL… very, very funny!

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