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Investigative Journalism

Posted by sburk44 on October 22, 2009

I went to a great lecture last night about the inter-play between investigative journalism and the law. The speaker, Chuck Lewis, is a long-time investigative journalist who founded a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping true investigative journalism alive without relying on main stream media outlets (with substantial conflicts of interest) to support their work into investigating big corporations and important government figures. The website is here. I have no looked into it real closely yet – but when I have some free time I plan to read their in-depth coverage looking at the various factors of the mortgage melt-down.

His best stories were about his days as a producer for Mike Wallace on 60 minutes – especially during the era where they were slowly exposing the truth behind tobacco companies.

Anyway – the list of the center’s book are here – and I have put them all on my eventual “to read list”


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