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Back to wasting time

Posted by sburk44 on December 21, 2009

7-6 BABY!

What a terrible Monday to decide to get back into a regular posting routine…no time to waste bitching about a loss to the raiders though…too many other things to talk/complain about:

1) Lets say you gamble and I gave you -250 odds that one of the following teams win: San Diego, Indy, New Orleans, plus 1 more of your choice will win the Super Bowl. Do you take the -250 and what other team do you take?

2) During my month long neglecting of the blog – a few people have left some great little gems.

-Thanks to Gargs for betting on Wyo during the border war – no doubt giving them good karma for the NEW MEXICO BOWL win – which was by far the best sports moment of the weekend for Denver/Wyo/Mountain time zone fans.

-Mr. J Theide is dominating the messages without so much as a peep from me. So sir – a few thoughts – then I will send you an e-mail to invite you to become an author and make your own posts. (1) The Brian Kelly rumors already don’t sound good…Scared of recruiting an disciplining African American players, violent abusive temper, and subtly looks like my dad from a profile angle. Actually – that last one is not so much a bad thing -just kinda weird. (2) Your NBA take is diseased…the product is solid and the prices are no more ridiculous than any random NHL game or MLB game in a decent market. At least half of the games on every night features an interesting match up with fun and LIKABLE stars…LeBron, Nash, CPIII, Durantula, Melo, Dirk, D-Ho, Kobe, Wade, (ok – Kobe is fun to hate and I am not sure if Melo is “likable”, but all of a sudden this league has more people with their shit together than the NFL (more on this in a later post))

3) Thank you Tiger – only your little sextcapades could have brough linds and I’s guilty pleasures of sports and gossip together in such a neat little package. We talk more than ever these days – and its all because of your nasty little ambien habits.

4) Nuggets 2 game slide makes this team’s record deceptive. NOT a good defensive team without all top 4 stars playing well – no depth in the front court and Chauncy looks old this year. Its too early to concede everything to the Lakers – but if the Kobbettes do falter in some way (injury), then we are not the team to pick up the slack – currently, that would be Dallas.

5) Ok – a little bitching about the Broncos: I had to watch the game via the redzone channel – which apparently does not switch to a crappy game (ours) in the red zone when their marquee game (eagles?) are at the 50? anyway – I missed the redzone disasters for Orton and Co. until that 4th Q must-have TD after the Stokley catch. A fade to Scheffler, on thrid down? Can someone show McD the percentage of completed fade routes to tight ends in the league this year? Im just guessing – but its gotta be under 10%. Also – what did Hillis do to McD’s family?


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Every Day Should Be Saturday: ND v. USC, OU v. Tex, Neb. v. TT, UofM v.PSU, WY v. AF

Posted by sburk44 on October 17, 2009

EDSBS is one of Wachal’s Favorite Blogs. If you like anything about Deadspin and you like college football – this is the best site on the intertubes. I just stole their name for this quick post. Consider this an “open-thread” in the comments for college football discuss today if you are around.

Ok – So we have an idea of who will be watching what games today (Wachal loves him some red, gargs loves him some irish, I am slowly warming to the gophers)…but what else are you all excited for today (this weekend). I’m trying to catch up with classes and write a paper about Human Rights (who needs those?) but will be following along on the greatest invention this side of a Vin Scully radio broadcast*…the gamecast. So, the more important quesiton is…how will you all be wasting your time today? Here are some options (with my predictions). Post your own thoughts, etc:

ND v. USC: (USC by a last sec. field goal)

Bradford v. McCoy (Tex by 10)

Neb. v. TT (Neb lets wachal down somehow – lose by 3)

UofM v. PSU (Tim Brewsters first game against JoeP – Gophers get killed – cant stop the run – the only college team I know anything about – take PSU even though they are giving 17.5)

Yanks v. Angels (Why do Mike Socia teams fall apart this time of year – lots of lazy errors for them yesterday)

Air_Force_Academy_Falcon_Stadium_by_David_ShankboneAvs at Red Wings (Not super important this early in the season…but an Avs win might just do enough to increase attention back in Denver an boost the poor attendance figures they have had as of late – anyone else find free hockey radio broadcasts. The NHL website had them last year – but they seem to have discontinued them and now make you just pay to get the TV feeds)

AND…Almost forgot about Wyoming v. Air Force. I went to this game as a kid once in Colorado Springs and remember the cadets doing push-ups after points and the way the stadium had AF logo in the seats. Its no border war – but it should be a fun game – you know – for the 8 people who care.

*I listend to the Phils v.  Dodgers game on MLB radio with the Vin Scully feed yesterday while working at school. When the Rockies play the Dodgers – I always listen to the LA feed for the first 3 innings because they have Vin Scully’s TV call simulcast as the radio broadcast (then Charley Stiner comes in and he’s great as well – The LA Dodgers – hands down best radio calls in baseball). Anyway, Scully was FANTASTIC yeasterday – which he always is. He makes you feel like it is still the 1950’s or 60’s, espeically with their background music. When he goes off on tangents they are hilarious (yesterday he was talking about the Phils Carlos Ruiz and that got him thinking about another Ruiz (Manny I think) who used to play for the dodgers and he was telling funny stories about this other Ruiz guy and then he finished it with this great realization: “Manny Ruiz…what a great soul…of course he has nothing to do with Carlos Ruiz who is up now for the Phillies.” Fucking priceless…and only this guy can get away with it. Print out his call of the Sandy Kolfax transcript from the link above and read it on the pot. I dare you not to get goosbumps and smile – that is if you have a soul.

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Only in Nebraska (well…probably in many Southern states too)

Posted by sburk44 on October 15, 2009

The World Herald has a story about an old man in a coma – wishing to see the Huskers play Mizzou last Thursday before he died…he woke up in time but died before the 4th quarter when Nebraska actually decided to wake up themselves and win the game.

Classic OWH reporting

Saw it first in Deadspin

Ironically (i think) Wachal also watched the game (in style) and luckily did not fall into his coma until after the victory:

I love this Man

I love You Too

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Football Will Make You (more) Stupid

Posted by sburk44 on October 14, 2009

Mike Utley - Remeber what happened to this guy? And this is just the more publicized worst-case-scenario     Mike Utley - Remeber what happened to this guy? And this is just the more publicized worst-case-scenario

Mike Utley - Remeber what happened to this guy? And this is just the more publicized worst-case-scenario

Malcolm Gladwell can be a little full of himself in the “I am the new American Public Intellectual and therefore everything I write is genius” kind of way. However – I skimmed his recent piece comparing violence in football and dog fighting. I think the premise to compare the two is a little weak and a bit stretched in exectuion. However- I found the grim stuff about the inevitability of brain damage for linebackers, lineman, and most football players really remarkable. We know deep down this sport is the 21st century gladiators – but do we really care that it is very possible most of these guys will be suffering from severe mental degeneration in a relatively short amount of time after their careers?

I think it certainly links into a larger debates about choice (do some of these guys really have one), the profiteering off of violence and death (and the hypocrisy as compared to all sorts of other industries that do the same), and our complicity as (die-hard) fans in all of it. Anyway – hard to look at a wedge on the kickoff the same way again.

Read it here if you missed the above link

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