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Posted by sburk44 on November 18, 2009

Really busy weeks coming up for me know…but wanted to throw our various links/thoughts I have stumbled over the past few days:

*Last Night good for Denver/Creighton fans: Creighton wins big (as they should have over cupcake FAMU); Nuggets win impressively after a slow star – shoot over 60%; Avs pull out a big win over divisions rivals Calgary IN the Saddle-dome – another huge night for Anderson as the team was out-shot again by double-digits

*If you have watched all 5 seasons of the wire – watch this sweet 10 min montage of the great lines from the series…if not…then you need to plan your free time around trying to watch all 5 seasons – best show ever – simple as that. Have already helped convince two other law students I am friends with at school to make time for it – one of them spent a full week watchign a few seaosns in a row and sent me the clip. Its the basis for our discussions in criminal procedure and basically any other realm of life.

*Have a professor who was a big shot lawyer turned social justice advocate in many ways because of his experience working with asylum seekers from El Salvador during the 80’s. He sent me this article about the CIA knowing about the plans to murder the 6 Jesuits on Nov. 16th 1989. 20th Anniversary was a few days ago and the SOA protest is this weekend – with the Jesuits sadly having their last ever teach in at the event. Uncle Kevin is speaking at it. There is a case about the murders pending in front of the Inter-american Commission of Human Rights – an international legal body set up to ajudicate human rights claims against states in the Americas. I am writing 2 differnt papers about this Comission for classes this semester.

*Fascinating case the was just heard by the supreme court…can two guys who were wrongfully imprisoned for 25 years sue the prosecutor for monetary damages (civil suit) because he basically had them framed. Or are prosecutors allowed full immunity from such suits to protect their work as prosecutors. NPR has the best summary – aside from the interesting legal issues – its a made for movie type story with the 2 kids being black teens from Omaha framed for a murder in council bluffs. The witness against them lied and had really no idea while a key suspect who was white was never questioned beyond an initial interrogation in which he failed a lie detector.

*Finally – I find it interesting (and disturbing) that the NBA will not do anything about Donald Sterling and his disgraceful actions as a discriminatory landlord. The NFL just fined an owner for giving fans the bird…but David Stern cant even make a comment about the unlawful activities of one of the sleaziest people in sports?

We spent months of news coverage on Vick - how about any substantial bad press on the most evil man in sports right now?



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