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Back to wasting time

Posted by sburk44 on December 21, 2009

7-6 BABY!

What a terrible Monday to decide to get back into a regular posting routine…no time to waste bitching about a loss to the raiders though…too many other things to talk/complain about:

1) Lets say you gamble and I gave you -250 odds that one of the following teams win: San Diego, Indy, New Orleans, plus 1 more of your choice will win the Super Bowl. Do you take the -250 and what other team do you take?

2) During my month long neglecting of the blog – a few people have left some great little gems.

-Thanks to Gargs for betting on Wyo during the border war – no doubt giving them good karma for the NEW MEXICO BOWL win – which was by far the best sports moment of the weekend for Denver/Wyo/Mountain time zone fans.

-Mr. J Theide is dominating the messages without so much as a peep from me. So sir – a few thoughts – then I will send you an e-mail to invite you to become an author and make your own posts. (1) The Brian Kelly rumors already don’t sound good…Scared of recruiting an disciplining African American players, violent abusive temper, and subtly looks like my dad from a profile angle. Actually – that last one is not so much a bad thing -just kinda weird. (2) Your NBA take is diseased…the product is solid and the prices are no more ridiculous than any random NHL game or MLB game in a decent market. At least half of the games on every night features an interesting match up with fun and LIKABLE stars…LeBron, Nash, CPIII, Durantula, Melo, Dirk, D-Ho, Kobe, Wade, (ok – Kobe is fun to hate and I am not sure if Melo is “likable”, but all of a sudden this league has more people with their shit together than the NFL (more on this in a later post))

3) Thank you Tiger – only your little sextcapades could have brough linds and I’s guilty pleasures of sports and gossip together in such a neat little package. We talk more than ever these days – and its all because of your nasty little ambien habits.

4) Nuggets 2 game slide makes this team’s record deceptive. NOT a good defensive team without all top 4 stars playing well – no depth in the front court and Chauncy looks old this year. Its too early to concede everything to the Lakers – but if the Kobbettes do falter in some way (injury), then we are not the team to pick up the slack – currently, that would be Dallas.

5) Ok – a little bitching about the Broncos: I had to watch the game via the redzone channel – which apparently does not switch to a crappy game (ours) in the red zone when their marquee game (eagles?) are at the 50? anyway – I missed the redzone disasters for Orton and Co. until that 4th Q must-have TD after the Stokley catch. A fade to Scheffler, on thrid down? Can someone show McD the percentage of completed fade routes to tight ends in the league this year? Im just guessing – but its gotta be under 10%. Also – what did Hillis do to McD’s family?


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NO GOOD…An L into a W (sorry Wachal)

Posted by sburk44 on November 10, 2009

The officials spent about 5 minutes deciding if this shot was let go in time to count as the game winner…

Nuggets Bulls Basketball

Not since the Rondo Mouth Foul has Miller been the center of such late-game controversy

I have yet to see a good replay – but since its basically impossible for the bulls to have gotten the rebound, called time out, and then gotten the shot off after an in-bounds pass all in .6 secs (which was how much time was left when Chauncey intentionally missed his second free throw) the game ended with the correct result. Some sloppy offensive possessions in the 4th made this closer than it should have been. After 2 years in the league – Noah looks like he is going to be a nightly terror on the boards. One more game on this season long road trip tomorrow night in Peter’s college town.

Oh yea – this win coupled with the Avs shootout win over the black hawks a few nights ago mean that Denver winter sports are now 2-0 against Chicago foes so far. Suck it – wachal (Im ignoring your broncos text message)


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Posted by sburk44 on October 30, 2009


Thank you Sir...and your big goofy grin

WOW – Staying up doing homework and I caught the 2nd half on radio. Had to listen closely to the last minute – great game – big win and even

better it was a back to back – both wins against division rivals.

Thanks Greg Oden – your first free throw was short and your second was long – like your legs. Sorry Wachal.

Mel0 – 41 points – 18/19 free throws. He’s starting to get the star calls. Expect something special this year.

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Posted by sburk44 on October 29, 2009

Nuggets pick up right where they left off (before games 5 and 6 to LA that is). Did not really follow the game for reasons to be posted about later – but was very glad to see Lawson chip in with 6 assists. I let Wachal’s comment speak for this post:

Watching Nugs-Jazz. Ty Lawson looks like a legit PG. It’s been frightening when he and Billups have been on the floor together.

Also..this happened:

…and link you to one of the 2 best nugg’s blogs, Denver Stiffs,  for  recap. Actually – here is the other one (Roundball Mining Company), which points out how great a pick-up Affalo was for us. Also – go check out Wachal’s comments in NBA predictions post – dude knows his NBA – I might only disagree with the Toronto thing – if only because I think the win right at or less than 40 games and lose in round 1 – then Bosh leaves – they are not really on my radar.


17 points and 6 assists - Not a bad first night

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NBA Starts Today – Predictions

Posted by sburk44 on October 27, 2009

If you have not been following the NBA for the past 4-5 years because of any of the following excuses: “Boring” basketball, “Thuggish Culture”, “Too many selfish players”… Then shame on you. (If you don’t follow because your favorite team is in Sacramento, Minnesota, Memphis, New York City, or Los Angles and not the Lakers, then you have a better excuse)

Prediction: If healthy - both guys finish in the top 5 in MVP

Prediction: If Healthy - Both guys finish in top 5 MVP voting

The truth is that the NBA regular season has been very exciting – especially the top Eastern Teams and most Western teams. There is usually a great match up of young superstars (many of them much more dynamic than the one-on-one Vince Carter types choking the league from the late 90’s until about 4-5 years ago) and teams that understand fundamental team concepts. The Playoffs have only been slightly disappointing the past two seasons because of the great regular seasons preceding them.

So – if your team blows or you still think the NBA is boring…pick one of the following teams or players to follow this year.

*OKC Thunder (fantastic young nucleaus and top 5 player Durant who will make an MVP run this season)

*Chris Paul (never has enough support but puts up enormous numbers every night and controls the game unlike anyone in the league)

*LeBron James (the nightly output matches the hype – will we get a final verdict if Shaq is selfish asshole)

*The Hawks (very solid nucleus with somewhat mercurial stars who can light it up any night)

*Anthony Randolph (plays for Golden State – most freakish skill set this side of Durant – hopefully gets enough time to play)

*D Rose (The more athletic, stronger, Chris Paul – how much will he mature as we watch)


My Predictions after the Jump

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