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Shanny to DC?

Posted by sburk44 on January 4, 2010

As I mentioned before…My buddy Gargs thinks Shanny will be back to the playoffs before the Broncos. Looks like he will have to do it with Jason Campbell or a QB from this draft.


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NFL Playoff Predictions

Posted by sburk44 on January 4, 2010

OK – Its NFL Bracketology…Time to momentarily forget about the Broncos collapse and focus on choosing the winner of the playoffs. Seems wide open this year…so take a look at the brackets and copy/paste my template (after you click) to pick your own winners in the comments section. We’ll give 1 point for round 1, 2 for 2, 3 for 3, and 5 for Superbowl. Remember to match the highest and lowest seeds for your round two predictions. Winner of the NFL Brackets gets to race the winner of this match-up.

Click below to see predictions…

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Systems – QB’s, coaches, and the stupidity of the media

Posted by ajbeitscher on October 28, 2009

Not to harp but I’m amazed by how people are paid plenty of money to give their opinions and create ridiculous arguments that are so flawed it would be better served on a turkey sandwich with rye….if that’s your thing.  Note the following from the esteemed John Clayton:

Q: With the sudden success of Kyle Orton in what is the Patriots’ “system” in Denver after not much success before that, and the success of Matt Cassel last year in the same system after not even playing in college and not playing as well this year, is it time to consider whether it’s actually the system that breeds success and that Tom Brady might not be as good a QB without being in this system? Hmmm, interesting question and point.  Mr. Clayton, your thoughts…

A: Brady would be good in any system. He’s just a great quarterback. Brady was successful before the Patriots added Wes Welker and Randy Moss, but after they came to New England, the offense rose to its highest level. Sorry John but you didn’t answer this question at all with this statement.  Brady has been in this system for his entire career.  Welker and Moss didn’t create this system….I digress.  Joe Montana was a “system” quarterback, but he proved he could move the system to Kansas City in his declining years and still be a playoff quarterback. So Montana was good because he “moved” his “system” to Kansas City?….not sure I follow.  Can Montana make the choice as to what system the team uses? Wouldn’t they have had different systems?   Sure, the system is good, but the system Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick developed around Brady only made his skills better. Ok, fair, even good point, I’ll buy that…some credence building up….  Orton is succeeding in Denver because his receivers are good and have good run-after-the-catch ability. Matt Cassel is struggling in Kansas City because his receivers lack those skills.  Wha?!  How does this have anything to do with the above question or your answer.  You’re saying that merely by the receivers being able to have RAC ability the Orton is doing better than Cassel?  Is this your NFL system John Clayton?  Receivers who have the ability to run after the catch?  Name me 5 current receivers who don’t know how to run after the catch?  That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard….can anybody explain this logic?

other points about the above:

– Orton is playing out of his mind because he can brew coffee almost every drop….maybe he’s even good.  Aside from that, for receivers to have RAC ability don’t they need to be catching the ball in stride?  And therefore and accurately thrown ball? Is accuracy not a highly valued thing in the NFL?  I mean isn’t Jamarcus Russell proof enough of this?  And maybe that whole NFL line thing is important…..

And in terms of Orton not being good before hand, his career numbers before Denver: 33 games, 21-12 W-L, 30:27 Td:INT ratio and a (505/913) 55.3 completion %.  Those of he who shall not be named: 37 games, 17-20 W-L, 54:37 Td:Int ratio, and a (762/1220) 62.5 completion %.

So for one person being a God-sent “franchise” QB and the other being a cast off I’m not sure who is who….wait I look at the W-L records and…get the “wrong” answer….hmmm.

The more I see football the more I am convinced that a coach who can truly create a system for his players, as opposed to finding players for his system is the most important piece of the puzzle.  Unless you can get a coach to play quarterback….but that guy’s name is Peyton Manning.

Other’s thoughts?….discuss!

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Who Would Win in a Fight: Dan Snyder v. Al Davis

Posted by sburk44 on October 28, 2009

We all know the craziness of Al Davis. His team is a mess and he is surely not really alive. I never thought we would be legitimately able to argue another owner in the league was crazier…but then…Dan Snyder decided to not only continue to ruin the Redskins – but completely piss in the face of his fan-base.

This article detailing the sign-police crackdown at the last MNF football game is flat out insane. The security guards have been told that no t-shirts badmouthing Dan Snyder are allowed and must be turned inside-out – like when kids wore Marlyn Manson shirts back in middle school.

So – we know Al Davis is a Zombie and Dan Snyder -all 5’2″ of him – might make me turn this blog post inside out…but who would win in a fight?

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WTF Kinda Week

Posted by spongebobmyshow on October 20, 2009

Now is it just me or was this week just on the weirder side of things?  Both in my personal life and across the nation I think some really bizarre shit went down.  The kind of stuff that just makes you turn around and ask yourself “What the fuck? Really? Did that shit really just happen?”  So here is my recap of some of the crazy shit that went down this week, in chronological order and arbitrarily starting on Sunday.

#1) Broncos go 5-0:  Now I am not the biggest sports fan around and so I certainly didn’t listen to all the pre-season stuff that got said about the Broncos.  This past Sunday was also one of the few times I actually sat down  and watched a Broncos game.  All I had heard is that we weren’t supposed to be that good and even during brunch everyone (and by everyone I mean my brother) was saying they didn’t expect the Broncos to win.  I don’t have anything intelligent or profound to say about the game itself, just that it was fun and it went into overtime and it had a lot of people asking “The Broncos are 5-0?!?! WTF??”

#2 Rockies Get Eliminated in NLDS-  Now I was at this game, not to mention sitting next to Phillies fans, and it was just absolutely heartbreaking.  To be ONE FUCKING PITCH away with your start closer on the mound and see him give up a two run double was terrible.  I don’t know how you real sports fans suffer through this shit year after year.  I am trying to think of an appropriate “breaking up with someone” analogy, but I think all of you out there get what I mean.  I also realized that I saw both the first and last games played at Coors Field this season and I feel like I can officially call myself a Rockies fan.

#3) 4th Major Bodily Substance Encountered at Work-  Some of the time at work I do things that are fun, productive, and truly rewarding.  The other 95% of things are not.  This weeks fun task was helping a kid clean up his own shit after accidentally defecating on the floor.  I had thus far encountered blood, vomit (often a mixture of both), and urine.  I was hoping I could make it without actual shit, but I was wrong.

#4) Nation Enthralled by Empty Weather Balloon- I think this is the biggest WTF moment of the week, if not the year so far.  Now I didn’t get a chance to watch all the craziness on Thursday, so when I got home and found out the nation spent half the day worrying about a kid in a balloon, so much so they shut down the airport and re-routed flights in and out of DIA, I was like WTF??  This whole event is just so damned bizarre and this family so fucking crazy it kinda makes your head spin.

So there you have it… my biggest WTF moments of the week.  If you have any yourself, feel free to share.

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NFL queries…

Posted by ajbeitscher on October 20, 2009

[Ed. note – still working out the kinks of the blog. This post and Peter’s just above were submitted before today. You guys should have the power to publish them yourselves – just hit publish when you are done. If not – I have to look into increasing your access to the site]

My thoughts and questions as this week happens…

1 – Who is the favorite this year?  Is there one?  Best NFC team is the Saints. They are the best team in football after their dismantling of the Giants.  With a running game that forces teams to commit to stopping it, they lose because they cannot stop Brees.  Best AFC team is the……..?  Colts I guess.  In 5 more weeks there will already be 5 teams of the playoffs in the AFC set. There are really only 7 viable teams though.  Colts, Broncos, Pats, Jets, Ravens, Steelers, Bengals…anybody else gonna be able to make a push?

2 – Coaches may matter as much in the NFL, if not more, than players.  Especially position coaches and coordinators.  Ex head coaches who are now Defensive Coordinators have been the biggest pick up this year. (see Broncos, Denver and Saints, New Orleans) In the case of the Broncos, the D-Line coach was stolen from the Chargers…how’s their D line playing?….and Mike Nolan has crafted an incredible 5-2 scheme for his players.  And anybody that says Broncos aren’t a more well prepared team every week this season w/ McDaniels hasn’t watched the Broncos w/ Shanahan in about 8 years.

3 – Peyton Manning is amazing.  He is the only reason that Brees will not win the MVP.  Great recievers aren’t found that easily.  He turns every one into a quality find.  Who ever heard of Austin Collie or Pierre Garcon?

4 – What happened to the NFC East?  Aren’t they supposed to be the NFC “Beast” division.  And every team was supposed to win 3 if not 4 games against the lowly AFC West.  I mean granted I think the Chiefs and Raiders are painful bad….but why did the ‘Skins lose, and why are the Eagles losing?

5 – What’s up w/ New England? and what does it say about their opponents?  They’re beating the Titans 45-0 at half…what?!  Is this the same team that lost to the Broncos last week?  But then again, they beat the Ravens, or are the Ravens really that good?  This is more confusing than…anybody make sense of this?….ok it’s now 52-0

6 – So Favre has helped the Vikings win two games pretty much….well the Ravens helped lose today but I digress…but would he have helped any other team in the NFL this year?  Vikings have AP, and a good defense…

This was more than 5 minutes.  Damn.  My gross grade will suffer for this.

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Broncos Pre-Game: Time to destroy this creeper

Posted by sburk44 on October 19, 2009

Yea - I stole this idea from an even creepier pic of Ben Rothelisburger hangning out there somewhere in the intertubes

Yea - I stole this idea from an even creepier pic of Ben Rothelisburger hangning out there somewhere in the intertubes

San Diego can’t run the ball – but them seem to have a prolific passing attack at the moment. Can Champ clamp down on Vincent Jackson? Or will the big physical receiver get enough separation (much the same way Roy Williams did against Champ before DJ William eviscerated his kidneys) to make the necessary big plays? Will it even matter since their running game is so terrible?

I think Orton and Company will put up enough points to win (17ish) and it will be up to the defense to come up big again in order to win on the road and move to 6-0.

Other Thoughts.?

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Monday Night Sports Extravaganza

Posted by sburk44 on October 19, 2009

Enjoy The Love While It Lasts...

Enjoy The Love While It Lasts...

Instead of enjoying myself this evening like A-Roids is sure to do…I sit here in our Library working on my journal article and other work tonight. So join me in discussing all the night’s sporting action in the comments below. Yanks already lead by 1 in the Second. Phils can take a vice-grip lead. Phyllis Rivers can go to hell – which is where he belongs (more to come…)

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Always a good way to start your morning

Posted by sburk44 on October 19, 2009

I (still) Hate You

I (still) Hate You

I know it’s sick, but I love seeing this face now. I really did not watch this game – but apparently Jay threw 2 red zone picks. I saw the last drive where a bunch of Chicago penalities, including one by Orlando Pace on 4th and 1, killed the bears’ chances. Odds cutler somehow manages to throw one of hte greatest left tackles ever under the bus this week?

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A New Favorite Athlete

Posted by sburk44 on October 15, 2009

The list of my favorite athletes (the ones I cheer for as individuals because the are so dominant) is small:

Chris Paul

Roger Federer

and…Ryan Clady

This man is an animal. I dont think there is a better Left Tackle in the NFL right now. Focus on him Monday night – Watch his quick feet, the way he demolishes people on the run block, and the way he makes the best pass rushers look like they are going no where. Watching some replays last week though – I think I saw him give up a sack (which made me really sad) – which would be his FIRST full sack of his career (only 1/2 sack last year to Seymour – who he stoned this year). McDaniels says his physical gifts make him dominant – but implies that his mental aspect – his ability to actually change his looks he gives defenders – make him potentially an all timer (i.e. Orlando Pace, Jonathan Ogden). The Amazing thing about this Bronco O-line – is the the Right Tackle – Ryan Harris –  also had a fantastic season last year and could probably start LT for a lot of teams. He Seemed to have a fantastic game Sunday.

I love You

I love You

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