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NO GOOD…An L into a W (sorry Wachal)

Posted by sburk44 on November 10, 2009

The officials spent about 5 minutes deciding if this shot was let go in time to count as the game winner…

Nuggets Bulls Basketball

Not since the Rondo Mouth Foul has Miller been the center of such late-game controversy

I have yet to see a good replay – but since its basically impossible for the bulls to have gotten the rebound, called time out, and then gotten the shot off after an in-bounds pass all in .6 secs (which was how much time was left when Chauncey intentionally missed his second free throw) the game ended with the correct result. Some sloppy offensive possessions in the 4th made this closer than it should have been. After 2 years in the league – Noah looks like he is going to be a nightly terror on the boards. One more game on this season long road trip tomorrow night in Peter’s college town.

Oh yea – this win coupled with the Avs shootout win over the black hawks a few nights ago mean that Denver winter sports are now 2-0 against Chicago foes so far. Suck it – wachal (Im ignoring your broncos text message)



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Posted by sburk44 on October 29, 2009

Nuggets pick up right where they left off (before games 5 and 6 to LA that is). Did not really follow the game for reasons to be posted about later – but was very glad to see Lawson chip in with 6 assists. I let Wachal’s comment speak for this post:

Watching Nugs-Jazz. Ty Lawson looks like a legit PG. It’s been frightening when he and Billups have been on the floor together.

Also..this happened:

…and link you to one of the 2 best nugg’s blogs, Denver Stiffs,  for  recap. Actually – here is the other one (Roundball Mining Company), which points out how great a pick-up Affalo was for us. Also – go check out Wachal’s comments in NBA predictions post – dude knows his NBA – I might only disagree with the Toronto thing – if only because I think the win right at or less than 40 games and lose in round 1 – then Bosh leaves – they are not really on my radar.


17 points and 6 assists - Not a bad first night

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