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NBA Starts Today – Predictions

Posted by sburk44 on October 27, 2009

If you have not been following the NBA for the past 4-5 years because of any of the following excuses: “Boring” basketball, “Thuggish Culture”, “Too many selfish players”… Then shame on you. (If you don’t follow because your favorite team is in Sacramento, Minnesota, Memphis, New York City, or Los Angles and not the Lakers, then you have a better excuse)

Prediction: If healthy - both guys finish in the top 5 in MVP

Prediction: If Healthy - Both guys finish in top 5 MVP voting

The truth is that the NBA regular season has been very exciting – especially the top Eastern Teams and most Western teams. There is usually a great match up of young superstars (many of them much more dynamic than the one-on-one Vince Carter types choking the league from the late 90’s until about 4-5 years ago) and teams that understand fundamental team concepts. The Playoffs have only been slightly disappointing the past two seasons because of the great regular seasons preceding them.

So – if your team blows or you still think the NBA is boring…pick one of the following teams or players to follow this year.

*OKC Thunder (fantastic young nucleaus and top 5 player Durant who will make an MVP run this season)

*Chris Paul (never has enough support but puts up enormous numbers every night and controls the game unlike anyone in the league)

*LeBron James (the nightly output matches the hype – will we get a final verdict if Shaq is selfish asshole)

*The Hawks (very solid nucleus with somewhat mercurial stars who can light it up any night)

*Anthony Randolph (plays for Golden State – most freakish skill set this side of Durant – hopefully gets enough time to play)

*D Rose (The more athletic, stronger, Chris Paul – how much will he mature as we watch)


My Predictions after the Jump

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Every Day Should Be Saturday: ND v. USC, OU v. Tex, Neb. v. TT, UofM v.PSU, WY v. AF

Posted by sburk44 on October 17, 2009

EDSBS is one of Wachal’s Favorite Blogs. If you like anything about Deadspin and you like college football – this is the best site on the intertubes. I just stole their name for this quick post. Consider this an “open-thread” in the comments for college football discuss today if you are around.

Ok – So we have an idea of who will be watching what games today (Wachal loves him some red, gargs loves him some irish, I am slowly warming to the gophers)…but what else are you all excited for today (this weekend). I’m trying to catch up with classes and write a paper about Human Rights (who needs those?) but will be following along on the greatest invention this side of a Vin Scully radio broadcast*…the gamecast. So, the more important quesiton is…how will you all be wasting your time today? Here are some options (with my predictions). Post your own thoughts, etc:

ND v. USC: (USC by a last sec. field goal)

Bradford v. McCoy (Tex by 10)

Neb. v. TT (Neb lets wachal down somehow – lose by 3)

UofM v. PSU (Tim Brewsters first game against JoeP – Gophers get killed – cant stop the run – the only college team I know anything about – take PSU even though they are giving 17.5)

Yanks v. Angels (Why do Mike Socia teams fall apart this time of year – lots of lazy errors for them yesterday)

Air_Force_Academy_Falcon_Stadium_by_David_ShankboneAvs at Red Wings (Not super important this early in the season…but an Avs win might just do enough to increase attention back in Denver an boost the poor attendance figures they have had as of late – anyone else find free hockey radio broadcasts. The NHL website had them last year – but they seem to have discontinued them and now make you just pay to get the TV feeds)

AND…Almost forgot about Wyoming v. Air Force. I went to this game as a kid once in Colorado Springs and remember the cadets doing push-ups after points and the way the stadium had AF logo in the seats. Its no border war – but it should be a fun game – you know – for the 8 people who care.

*I listend to the Phils v.  Dodgers game on MLB radio with the Vin Scully feed yesterday while working at school. When the Rockies play the Dodgers – I always listen to the LA feed for the first 3 innings because they have Vin Scully’s TV call simulcast as the radio broadcast (then Charley Stiner comes in and he’s great as well – The LA Dodgers – hands down best radio calls in baseball). Anyway, Scully was FANTASTIC yeasterday – which he always is. He makes you feel like it is still the 1950’s or 60’s, espeically with their background music. When he goes off on tangents they are hilarious (yesterday he was talking about the Phils Carlos Ruiz and that got him thinking about another Ruiz (Manny I think) who used to play for the dodgers and he was telling funny stories about this other Ruiz guy and then he finished it with this great realization: “Manny Ruiz…what a great soul…of course he has nothing to do with Carlos Ruiz who is up now for the Phillies.” Fucking priceless…and only this guy can get away with it. Print out his call of the Sandy Kolfax transcript from the link above and read it on the pot. I dare you not to get goosbumps and smile – that is if you have a soul.

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