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TGIF – Burger Edition

Posted by sburk44 on October 16, 2009

This might be the most glorious food page I have ever seen. Its a full dissection of every type of burger you can think of. It categorically defines them all and comes with delicious looking pictures. The Jucy Lucy from Matt’s Bar and the Juicy Lucy from the 5-8 supper club are my favorite – not only because they are right near my house in Minneapolis, but they are the cheese-infused ones. Amazingly – they do not look like the most unhealthy ones on the list.


I originally found this site from my favorite Thursday column on the web – the NFL Jambaroo by BigDaddy Drew on Deadspin. Read this guys stuff if you do not already. Here is his commentary after reading the burger guide:

Sliders! Ah, very small hamburgers. I could kiss the man who invented you, and then wash my lips to prevent contracting E. coli. They’re just like regular burgers, only you can eat 27 of them and delude yourself into thinking it’s not so unhealthy!

The lovely Mister Ufford sent me this fantastic link a while back that detailed all American burger styles. It’s got pub burgers, steakhouse burgers, Robert Hamburger, and everything. Oh man, I could so go for a burger right now if the meat used to make them didn’t come from the killing floors of 37 different slaughterhouses manned by bare-handed immigrants with no access to soap or decent medical care. Anyway, Mr. Fancypancy at this site says not all sliders are mini burgers, and vice versa.

“People, a slider is something very specific. It is not just a mini hamburger. It’s a thin, thin slip of beef, cooked on a griddle with onions and pickles piled atop patty. The steam from the onions does as much cooking as the griddle. The buns are placed atop the onions, absorbing the pungent aroma and flavor.

A slider is at once a hamburger and, yet, something more. (Maybe because you eat a bunch of them at one sitting.)”

You listen to me, Big Boy. It’s MY very small hamburger, and if I want to call it by the adorable nickname of slider, I will. And if I want to use the top of the bun to wipe the sweat off my face and then eat it, I may also do so.

The ATH Guide to Burgers [Serious Eats]

These announcers Arn’t drunk enough. Jambaroo Week 6 [Deadspin]


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