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Who’s coming with me…

Posted by sburk44 on November 15, 2009



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Its that time again…

Posted by sburk44 on November 14, 2009



The Jays go to Dayton early this afternoon to start the season in Bracketbuster-type fashion…can you feel it? Predictions of the season? MVC as a whole?

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29-8 3rd Q knocks out the Kobettes early

Posted by sburk44 on November 14, 2009


Suck it

Wow – domination over the lakers- who were coming off a back to back. Keeping the Lakers to 8 points in the thrid quarter, the powder-blues have their first dominating quarter of the season (over a good team). It was the first time I really felt these nuggets looked like the team from late last year. Still worried a bit about Birdman (different player this year – nice night tonight though), but on the whole – this team is better than last year with Afflalo and Lawson improving the balance of true scoring options.

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5 interceptions closer to a better draft pick…

Posted by sburk44 on November 13, 2009


It feels so much better to cheer against you - DoucheBag

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6-3, 12-4-3, Real News

Posted by sburk44 on November 12, 2009

*Nuggets  were beat mainly by a lazy 3rd quarter and Brandon Jennings doing his best rookie of the year impression. He had 32 points – and back to back threes to hold off the nugs after they cut the lead from 10 to 1 late in the 4th. Overall – a 3-3 road-trip to the east coast is not bad – but not exactly what you want to see from a team supposedly committed to a title run. Needed a better rebounding effort and better defense in critical moments. Bright spot may have been JR (earl) scoring 18 off the bench with a combo of drives and long range shooting.

*Avs and Blackhawks played their 3rd shootout game in a row…this time Anderson could not stop 2 goals in the shoot-out and the Avs only gained 1 point. Too bad these teams only play one more time this year and its not until April. they are similar in terms of youthful energy and make for really entertaining hockey. If they play each other in the playoffs…I might just have to arrange a trip to Chicago and watch it go down with the Wachal in his full ‘Hawks gear (you have a Towes jersey…right?)

*Real News…One less bigot in the media, in-depth look at the various “collateral” damage on the troops at Ft. Hood since the Iraq war, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine’s Jesuit education has not moved him to stay death sentence yet…and he did not want to start with the notorious sniper  shooter (reminds me of the West Wing episode when Bartlet goes through the same thing)

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NO GOOD…An L into a W (sorry Wachal)

Posted by sburk44 on November 10, 2009

The officials spent about 5 minutes deciding if this shot was let go in time to count as the game winner…

Nuggets Bulls Basketball

Not since the Rondo Mouth Foul has Miller been the center of such late-game controversy

I have yet to see a good replay – but since its basically impossible for the bulls to have gotten the rebound, called time out, and then gotten the shot off after an in-bounds pass all in .6 secs (which was how much time was left when Chauncey intentionally missed his second free throw) the game ended with the correct result. Some sloppy offensive possessions in the 4th made this closer than it should have been. After 2 years in the league – Noah looks like he is going to be a nightly terror on the boards. One more game on this season long road trip tomorrow night in Peter’s college town.

Oh yea – this win coupled with the Avs shootout win over the black hawks a few nights ago mean that Denver winter sports are now 2-0 against Chicago foes so far. Suck it – wachal (Im ignoring your broncos text message)


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Hate Week – Check it out

Posted by sburk44 on November 10, 2009

Wachal, Greg, and AY v. Herigon and Paddy in the Nebraska v. Kansas Hate Week over a their blog. Should be hilarious (hopefully). Although – someone clearly messed up the Microsoft Paint work on the re-designed logo – should look more like this.

Definitely check out the trailer for Whats the Matter With Kansas – looks fantastic – including gems like this line: “If you give up the bible – you have given up the possiblity of knowing anything”… To the Creation Museum (not acutally in Kansas)!

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A reflection on the rain from Lisa Kelly

Posted by ajbeitscher on November 10, 2009

I thought this was very poignant and worth being seen…


Thank you to all of you who checked in on us after hearing about the recent rains here.  We are fine.  The reality is that all those who died (132 now) or are homeless (over 7000) are those who lived in tin sheet shacks that simply washed away.  It was just another rainy night for us, a bit harder and longer than usual perhaps, but no hurricane, no thunder and lightning, no high winds.  Just rain.  In our neighborhood (not the wealthiest part of town but with concrete houses) the water and mud flooded the street a bit as gutters got clogged by trash.  But in city communities where people who are born into poverty live, there are no gutters or sewers so the rain instantly rises into their homes (often dirt floors to begin with).  [These communities of tin shacks, maybe two rooms, 100 square feet for a family, rise up in between the median of the highway, near the trash dumps, anywhere there is un-owned land and they are there long enough to pass through generations.  I frequently have to watch for parents and children from one such community trying to walk across a three-lane freeway on my way to school in the morning.]  Many of those who died in the countryside live on the hillsides and eek out a living by growing food on land that is practically vertical.  As a result, without tree roots and rocks on the hillsides, rains quickly turn to mud which slides down and all the houses on the hillside or those at the bottom (also tin shacks) (with people in them) simply get buried. 
People wonder why God allows such tragedies to happen.  But I think if God lives in us, why do we?  It’s not just coincidence that only those who live in poverty suffer in rainstorms, it is systematic.  And they don’t have much say in the system. While all the aide and prayers are helpful to ease suffering in some ways after the tragedy, it would seem to me that justly redistributing the land and providing equal services to all before the tragedy would make a lot more sense.  Can we pray for that?
 The truth is just like you know us and so instantly cared and checked on us, when you get to know those who live in such conditions, actually be in relationship with them, know their names, laugh with them, play soccer with them, listen to their stories, by sheer human nature, then you want to fight for them or sacrifice for them, even if it means giving up the excess you have.  Out of all my years studying policy and theology, that is heart of what I know to be true:  systemic justice and being in relationship with those in need are the root of all goodness.  Today I just relearned it experientially.
Thanks for letting me vent to you a bit.  It’s the only way I can make sense of the absurdity before my eyes. While so many thousands lost everything, the vast majority of the country continues to live in the same conditions, just waiting for the next big rain or winds or earthquake to devastate them or for someone to recognize they are human and deserve an education, a livable wage, a safe place to live, health care, and nutrition—all of which they would be more than willing to work for.  I wonder which will come first?
In some ways I will be glad to get home and away from the absurdity of how so many have to live. In other ways, I know that in doing that I am only distancing myself from the reality of the conditions of the majority of humanity.  The majority of humanity lives like this; One raincloud or heavy wind away from death or devastation.  I suppose when I said “we’re fine” it depends how inclusive that “we” is.

Lisa Kelly

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Movies of the Year?

Posted by sburk44 on November 10, 2009

Linds and I saw 500 Days of Summer this weekend- not a particlualry good move (C+), but it was one of the few times we have gone to one this year. It got me thinking that it’s already November…meaning the end of many things (obviously) including the last wave of movies making a vie for the oscars. One of my favorite traditions growing up, I have been struck recently with how weak so many Oscar movies seem to be. Adding 10 movies to the best picture nominations this year will do nothing to quell that fear.

Unfortunately -I have seen very few pics this year – but have a number of them that I want to get to. In order… the following films are those I have read about that seem like the best options to go and be blown away by (all-be-it for different reasons)

1) Precious (the whole thing)

2) A Serious Man (Coen brothers – duh)

3) Men Who Stare at Goats (Clooney and the retun of Spacey)

4) Inglorious Basterds (The seminal performance of the main Nazi)

5) Hurt Locker (the “best” Iraq movie to date?)

What have you seen? What am I missing? – Who is your early pick for nominations/awards?


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Best Sports Names…

Posted by sburk44 on November 10, 2009

The college basketball season is creeping up on us…and with it comes the annual tradition over at the blog “Storming the Floor” of pointing out the great names in the game. For some reason – it seems like college basketball always gives us the most hilarious/greatest sounding/flat out fucking fantastic names in sports – remember God Shamgod? Click here for their full rundown of this year’s best…my favorite?:

Just-in’love Smith – 5’11” Guard – Siena Saints

An’Juan Wilderness – 6’6″ Forward – Charlotte 49ers


The greatest name in the history of sports

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