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The Most Anticipated Sporting Event of the Weekend

Posted by spongebobmyshow on October 31, 2009

So, I know all you reading this probably already have this link because, obviously, everyone is watching the most awaited championship match-ups of the season.  Who needs college football anyway? Yeah, Wachal, I said it.


We are going pro and Olympic one of these days, just mark my words.


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WTF Kinda Week

Posted by spongebobmyshow on October 20, 2009

Now is it just me or was this week just on the weirder side of things?  Both in my personal life and across the nation I think some really bizarre shit went down.  The kind of stuff that just makes you turn around and ask yourself “What the fuck? Really? Did that shit really just happen?”  So here is my recap of some of the crazy shit that went down this week, in chronological order and arbitrarily starting on Sunday.

#1) Broncos go 5-0:  Now I am not the biggest sports fan around and so I certainly didn’t listen to all the pre-season stuff that got said about the Broncos.  This past Sunday was also one of the few times I actually sat down  and watched a Broncos game.  All I had heard is that we weren’t supposed to be that good and even during brunch everyone (and by everyone I mean my brother) was saying they didn’t expect the Broncos to win.  I don’t have anything intelligent or profound to say about the game itself, just that it was fun and it went into overtime and it had a lot of people asking “The Broncos are 5-0?!?! WTF??”

#2 Rockies Get Eliminated in NLDS-  Now I was at this game, not to mention sitting next to Phillies fans, and it was just absolutely heartbreaking.  To be ONE FUCKING PITCH away with your start closer on the mound and see him give up a two run double was terrible.  I don’t know how you real sports fans suffer through this shit year after year.  I am trying to think of an appropriate “breaking up with someone” analogy, but I think all of you out there get what I mean.  I also realized that I saw both the first and last games played at Coors Field this season and I feel like I can officially call myself a Rockies fan.

#3) 4th Major Bodily Substance Encountered at Work-  Some of the time at work I do things that are fun, productive, and truly rewarding.  The other 95% of things are not.  This weeks fun task was helping a kid clean up his own shit after accidentally defecating on the floor.  I had thus far encountered blood, vomit (often a mixture of both), and urine.  I was hoping I could make it without actual shit, but I was wrong.

#4) Nation Enthralled by Empty Weather Balloon- I think this is the biggest WTF moment of the week, if not the year so far.  Now I didn’t get a chance to watch all the craziness on Thursday, so when I got home and found out the nation spent half the day worrying about a kid in a balloon, so much so they shut down the airport and re-routed flights in and out of DIA, I was like WTF??  This whole event is just so damned bizarre and this family so fucking crazy it kinda makes your head spin.

So there you have it… my biggest WTF moments of the week.  If you have any yourself, feel free to share.

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