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Posted by sburk44 on March 8, 2010

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Holliday to Cards…Shanny Signs on in DC

Posted by sburk44 on January 6, 2010

Holliday gets 7 years for about 15 million per year. Rockies were offering more per year but not that long of deal a few years ago. Wish he was not in the national league, but at least his not in the Division. Purplerow actually thinks this is not a great deal for the Cardinals because of the long term issues it creates. Rockies are better off with only having 1 of these ridiculous multi-year deals (Helton) on the books.

Shanny gets 5 years and control of personnel…I know Gargs was giving me shit…but this is not a good situation for the ‘Skins. The best news is that their D is in decent shape, but will break down in a year or so as he spends all his time trying to get rid of Campbell and craft his own Offense.

I Don’t hate either guy…but I really dont want to see them do well either.

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Shanny to DC?

Posted by sburk44 on January 4, 2010

As I mentioned before…My buddy Gargs thinks Shanny will be back to the playoffs before the Broncos. Looks like he will have to do it with Jason Campbell or a QB from this draft.

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NFL Playoff Predictions

Posted by sburk44 on January 4, 2010

OK – Its NFL Bracketology…Time to momentarily forget about the Broncos collapse and focus on choosing the winner of the playoffs. Seems wide open this year…so take a look at the brackets and copy/paste my template (after you click) to pick your own winners in the comments section. We’ll give 1 point for round 1, 2 for 2, 3 for 3, and 5 for Superbowl. Remember to match the highest and lowest seeds for your round two predictions. Winner of the NFL Brackets gets to race the winner of this match-up.

Click below to see predictions…

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Posted by sburk44 on January 3, 2010

The only image to describe the 2-8 run to end the Season

While a Jets win tonight would have kept the Broncos out of the playoffs anyway – a bad loss (44 points!?) to the Chiefs ended McD’s first season as head coach, making the 8-8 finish I thought would be a ceiling for this team feel like a big disappointment. Even Jay Cutler having a terrible season and not getting in the playoffs is much less satisfying than I would have hoped.

My buddy Gargs thinks Shannahan will get back to the playoffs before the broncos do. I think this team will raise its ceiling to 10-6 next year with the release of the guys that gave McD problems (Marshall and Scheffler). For off-season priorities, I am mostly worried about the aging secondary and the offensive play-makers.


Jets dominated, so this game would have not have mattered. Obviously still a terrible way to end the season, but its really the Oakland an Washington games that blew our playoff chances.

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Jays B-Ball: Non-Con Mercifully Ends Tomorrow

Posted by sburk44 on December 21, 2009

I gave up Little Rock for this??

Going into the final game of the non-conference schedule tomorrow against Houston baptist, the Jays sit at a disappointing 4-6, even with a big win against the Huskers. The Iona loss at the end of the Old Spice Classic tournament is probably the worst loss of the bunch – but not pulling out one of the tougher Dayton, New Mexico, Michigan, Xavier games really makes this feel like one of the worse starts to a season in a few years.

For more in-depth coverage and a variety of takes from BJ diehards – check out Mike Wentzel’s new blog that should cover the season nicely.

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Back to wasting time

Posted by sburk44 on December 21, 2009

7-6 BABY!

What a terrible Monday to decide to get back into a regular posting routine…no time to waste bitching about a loss to the raiders though…too many other things to talk/complain about:

1) Lets say you gamble and I gave you -250 odds that one of the following teams win: San Diego, Indy, New Orleans, plus 1 more of your choice will win the Super Bowl. Do you take the -250 and what other team do you take?

2) During my month long neglecting of the blog – a few people have left some great little gems.

-Thanks to Gargs for betting on Wyo during the border war – no doubt giving them good karma for the NEW MEXICO BOWL win – which was by far the best sports moment of the weekend for Denver/Wyo/Mountain time zone fans.

-Mr. J Theide is dominating the messages without so much as a peep from me. So sir – a few thoughts – then I will send you an e-mail to invite you to become an author and make your own posts. (1) The Brian Kelly rumors already don’t sound good…Scared of recruiting an disciplining African American players, violent abusive temper, and subtly looks like my dad from a profile angle. Actually – that last one is not so much a bad thing -just kinda weird. (2) Your NBA take is diseased…the product is solid and the prices are no more ridiculous than any random NHL game or MLB game in a decent market. At least half of the games on every night features an interesting match up with fun and LIKABLE stars…LeBron, Nash, CPIII, Durantula, Melo, Dirk, D-Ho, Kobe, Wade, (ok – Kobe is fun to hate and I am not sure if Melo is “likable”, but all of a sudden this league has more people with their shit together than the NFL (more on this in a later post))

3) Thank you Tiger – only your little sextcapades could have brough linds and I’s guilty pleasures of sports and gossip together in such a neat little package. We talk more than ever these days – and its all because of your nasty little ambien habits.

4) Nuggets 2 game slide makes this team’s record deceptive. NOT a good defensive team without all top 4 stars playing well – no depth in the front court and Chauncy looks old this year. Its too early to concede everything to the Lakers – but if the Kobbettes do falter in some way (injury), then we are not the team to pick up the slack – currently, that would be Dallas.

5) Ok – a little bitching about the Broncos: I had to watch the game via the redzone channel – which apparently does not switch to a crappy game (ours) in the red zone when their marquee game (eagles?) are at the 50? anyway – I missed the redzone disasters for Orton and Co. until that 4th Q must-have TD after the Stokley catch. A fade to Scheffler, on thrid down? Can someone show McD the percentage of completed fade routes to tight ends in the league this year? Im just guessing – but its gotta be under 10%. Also – what did Hillis do to McD’s family?

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And…We’re Back – Joe’s in Town

Posted by sburk44 on December 3, 2009

Joe and Zuzanna are visiting from Denver this weekend – Joe and I have our fun planned out below. We had a draft (alternating choices) of the games we liked and Joe started things off. Follow along at home if your a degenerate gamble.

Winner of the Most bets wins the weekend...Still figuring out what that should be

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Many Musings

Posted by sburk44 on November 18, 2009

Really busy weeks coming up for me know…but wanted to throw our various links/thoughts I have stumbled over the past few days:

*Last Night good for Denver/Creighton fans: Creighton wins big (as they should have over cupcake FAMU); Nuggets win impressively after a slow star – shoot over 60%; Avs pull out a big win over divisions rivals Calgary IN the Saddle-dome – another huge night for Anderson as the team was out-shot again by double-digits

*If you have watched all 5 seasons of the wire – watch this sweet 10 min montage of the great lines from the series…if not…then you need to plan your free time around trying to watch all 5 seasons – best show ever – simple as that. Have already helped convince two other law students I am friends with at school to make time for it – one of them spent a full week watchign a few seaosns in a row and sent me the clip. Its the basis for our discussions in criminal procedure and basically any other realm of life.

*Have a professor who was a big shot lawyer turned social justice advocate in many ways because of his experience working with asylum seekers from El Salvador during the 80’s. He sent me this article about the CIA knowing about the plans to murder the 6 Jesuits on Nov. 16th 1989. 20th Anniversary was a few days ago and the SOA protest is this weekend – with the Jesuits sadly having their last ever teach in at the event. Uncle Kevin is speaking at it. There is a case about the murders pending in front of the Inter-american Commission of Human Rights – an international legal body set up to ajudicate human rights claims against states in the Americas. I am writing 2 differnt papers about this Comission for classes this semester.

*Fascinating case the was just heard by the supreme court…can two guys who were wrongfully imprisoned for 25 years sue the prosecutor for monetary damages (civil suit) because he basically had them framed. Or are prosecutors allowed full immunity from such suits to protect their work as prosecutors. NPR has the best summary – aside from the interesting legal issues – its a made for movie type story with the 2 kids being black teens from Omaha framed for a murder in council bluffs. The witness against them lied and had really no idea while a key suspect who was white was never questioned beyond an initial interrogation in which he failed a lie detector.

*Finally – I find it interesting (and disturbing) that the NBA will not do anything about Donald Sterling and his disgraceful actions as a discriminatory landlord. The NFL just fined an owner for giving fans the bird…but David Stern cant even make a comment about the unlawful activities of one of the sleaziest people in sports?

We spent months of news coverage on Vick - how about any substantial bad press on the most evil man in sports right now?


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6 am Basketball

Posted by sburk44 on November 16, 2009

St Peters- The Jesuit college in New Jersey – is hosting a 6 am tip off as part of an ESPN college basketball all-day gimmick.

I’m taking the under

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