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6-3, 12-4-3, Real News

Posted by sburk44 on November 12, 2009

*Nuggets  were beat mainly by a lazy 3rd quarter and Brandon Jennings doing his best rookie of the year impression. He had 32 points – and back to back threes to hold off the nugs after they cut the lead from 10 to 1 late in the 4th. Overall – a 3-3 road-trip to the east coast is not bad – but not exactly what you want to see from a team supposedly committed to a title run. Needed a better rebounding effort and better defense in critical moments. Bright spot may have been JR (earl) scoring 18 off the bench with a combo of drives and long range shooting.

*Avs and Blackhawks played their 3rd shootout game in a row…this time Anderson could not stop 2 goals in the shoot-out and the Avs only gained 1 point. Too bad these teams only play one more time this year and its not until April. they are similar in terms of youthful energy and make for really entertaining hockey. If they play each other in the playoffs…I might just have to arrange a trip to Chicago and watch it go down with the Wachal in his full ‘Hawks gear (you have a Towes jersey…right?)

*Real News…One less bigot in the media, in-depth look at the various “collateral” damage on the troops at Ft. Hood since the Iraq war, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine’s Jesuit education has not moved him to stay death sentence yet…and he did not want to start with the notorious sniper  shooter (reminds me of the West Wing episode when Bartlet goes through the same thing)


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6-1, 3-0, 10-3-2

Posted by sburk44 on November 2, 2009

A quick thought on all the Denver teams in action:

1) Broncos suck…its all over – McDaniels is a fraud (this is what would have been said if any of our firs three games would have gone this way – instead – its a bad offensive effort against a really tough team that should give everyone a bit of a reality check and re-focus)

2) The only thing more amazing than scoring 133 points was giving up 123 – Melo bested Mayo in a scoring fest – there is no one in the league save for maybe 2-3 guys that can match Melo on any given night right now.

3) Less shots allowed- but even fewer put on goal – the first of back to back losses for the Avs means a similar reality check to the broncos – also – is this the performance that convinces Sacco that Anderson needs at least one night off every now and then?

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Posted by sburk44 on October 20, 2009

What an evening of sports…I was stuck working most of the night but seemed to catch the big plays online when I needed to. I’ll have more thoughts on the broncos game later today (maybe tonight).

Meanwhile – we saw more bullpen woes, including ANOTHER DOMINANT closer unable to get a save. That officially makes every team in the playoffs guilty except the Yankees of their closer/or dominant 8th inning guy blowing the lead. Mariano somehow escaped bases loaded with no outs the inning before the angels eventually won.

Talk about last nights events here in the comments – or be the brave first person to add a post besideds me.

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